New e-Commerce Solutions For the Diamond Industry

“I know what it’s like being you. My family was in the business for five generations. My colleagues are current and former senior diamond industry executives.

Diamonds run through our veins.

Today we make the tools that help you get the right information; the information you need to make the right decisions in your business.”

Tim Goodman – Founder and CEO

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What is a diamond worth today?
What was it worth yesterday?
What will it be worth tomorrow?

Be fully informed and make the right decisions. Also, get access to new cashflow finance.

We acquire diamond asking price data from multiple wholesale trading platforms. We also acquire diamond actual sales data from ten global auction houses including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams and Philips.

Our unique algorithms process the data and deliver valuable information to you in real time.

We do not trade in diamonds. There is no human interference. You get the real facts and figures in real time.

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Diamond Spot Market Index (DSX)

The DSX is a spot market, trade weighted diamond index that tracks actual diamond sale prices achieved at traditional auctions conducted by Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, Philips and six other traditional auction houses. Diamonds at these well promoted auctions are offered to a well informed market whereby the purchaser is required to settle in cash and collect the goods within 48 hours.

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Diamond Auction Calculator

Find out what a diamond is actually worth to sell right now. Yourdiamonds.comTM monitors all the major auctions. We upload the actual sale results into our unique algorithms. This enables our app to automatically estimate the value of your white diamond at auction in any of the major regions and in any currency. It doesn’t matter if your diamond is not the same as any diamond auctioned in the past. We have solved that problem.

Retailers can accept trade-ins with the confidence of knowing what the trade-in is actually worth to liquidate.

Accountants can right down the value of inventory with the support of this app.

Merchants can make informed decisions when assessing their stock.

Invaluable for manufacturers.

Auction houses and valuers have answers in seconds.

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Diamond Wholesale Market Index (DWX)

There are lots of wholesale diamond indexes but none like ours. The DWX is unique.

The other wholesale diamond price indexes simply calculate the change from one period to the next as a percentage price change of a restricted set of diamonds.

The DWX is a hedonic trade weighted index. The DWX is derived from wholesale asking prices for the full range of diamonds (between 0.25ct and 100.00ct). The DWX is therefore responsive to changes in any part of the wholesale diamond market and is a far more accurate reflection of overall wholesale market sentiment.

We acquire diamond wholesale asking price data from multiple platforms. The yourdiamonds.comTM hedonic wholesale market index shows weekly changes to wholesale asking prices over six years.

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Diamond Wholesale Market Calculator

Our wholesale price calculator is different. Ask our app for a current wholesale asking price for any white diamond, any shape, in any diamond region, any currency. You will always get an answer. You can see how that diamond has been priced over time in a unique historical chart. This could be used when negotiating the acquisition of inventory from a supplier or showing a client how a diamond has travelled price wise over time.

The pricing changes with every set of new data we receive every seven days. And we receive data from multiple diamond wholesale asking price platforms, not just one.

Be aware of market ups and downs with our % change indicators.

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Diamond Wholesale Price Lists

The yourdiamonds.comTM  price lists show all relevant shapes and for different locations. You save time by having all this information in one simple snapshot.

This is new. Other diamond price lists show only two shapes and only one unidentified location.

We have applied the same concept for auction results of diamonds. So for the first time you can get a more comprehensive wholesale price list and compare it to auction results.

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Automated Insurance Valuations

Value your customer’s diamond jewellery for insurance.

Our fully automated online insurance valuation tool for loose diamonds and diamond set jewellery is a world first. It takes 45 seconds for a written valuation suitable for replacement purposes accepted by leading insurance companies.

We use our wholesale algorithms and the wholesale asking price statistics acquired from third party platforms together with current metal prices, different indirect tax rates and trade margins to assess the current retail replacement price.

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The Pink Diamond Tender

Contact us to find out about our generous trade arrangements for the introduction of new business.

The only secondary market platform for rare pink diamonds originally sourced from the former Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberly, West Australia.

And the only public tender process for any fancy-coloured diamonds in the world.

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Wholesale Actual Diamond Sales Data

Lab Grown Wholesale Diamond Index

Lab Grown Wholesale Diamond Asking Price Calculator

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